Vaccinations : Vaccines Helping Or Causing Trouble? Essay

Vaccinations : Vaccines Helping Or Causing Trouble? Essay

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Vaccinations: Vaccines Helping or Causing Trouble?
The controversy concerning parents vaccinating their children has been a debate for many years. A vaccination is an injection of a weakened or killed organism that produces immunity in the body against that organism. In further detail: when germs such as bacteria or viruses, invade the body, they attack and multiply. This is then called an infection (an infection is what produces illness). When the immune system realizes, it then must fight back the infection with antibodies that the human body produces against the foreign substance. Once the infection is fought off, the body is left with a supply of cells that help recognize and fight off that specific disease in the future. Vaccinations are a sensitive decision that parents must decide for their child’s life. Many parents decide to vaccinate their child to protect their health, because they trust their doctor and have the scientific knowledge to back up their thought-out decision. However, many parents delay their child’s vaccinations because they are concerned about long-term side effects or severe allergic reactions. Vaccinations are preventing the spread of contagious diseases, and for that reason alone, it’s important to immunize your child from an early age. The act of getting them immunized will protect the child, as well as the people they encounter from disease.
The first ever recorded vaccine, born in 1962 and 1963, the newly developed measles vaccine, which became a life changing advance. Protecting millions from a highly contagious childhood disease. Since, measles was incredible infectious, controlling its spread meant a large number of children needed to be vaccinated. The big breakthrough arrived in the 1960s and...

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...y, and to keep children safe from illness and disease people should vaccinate themselves. Throughout my research for vaccinations, I didn’t realize the many stances parents could support. I knew previously before researching that many parents didn’t agree with the idea of giving their child a vaccination that could possible cause an issue that wasn’t present before. Although, I always supported vaccinations strictly because of scientific facts; when I read about the many reasons why parents didn’t it was a shock and ultimately overwhelmingly disappointing. Mainly, because it seems like parents are only looking at the few effects vaccinations could have on a child. Overall, I believe that everyone should be vaccinated, not only to help themselves but to help the public from outbreaks that can easily occur if the anti-vaccination movement continues and makes headline.

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