Vaccinations, Cattle, And Communication Issues Essay

Vaccinations, Cattle, And Communication Issues Essay

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Flu. Meningitis. Tetanus. Measles. There are hundreds upon hundreds of different infectious diseases that an individual can contract either directly from another individual or indirectly through the air in which they breathe. Since there are so many infections, someone had to come up with a way to prevent mass spreading of these diseases. Thus, the concept of vaccinations, was born. The first vaccination was discovered and proved successful in the eradication of smallpox back in the 18th century. Since then vaccines have been created to help prevent the spread of most known infections today. However, with the benefits of vaccinations and those who support them, comes the group who fears them. This has consistently led to debates as to whether or not people should be required to receive vaccinations. In this paper I will discuss a recent outbreak that has sparked controversy, the concerns that come with vaccinations, exemptions, herd immunity and communication aspects, and personal experience.
Recent Outbreak raises controversy
In December of 2014, an outbreak of measles in California-Disneyland to be exact-added fuel to an already burning fire as to whether vaccinations should be a requirement. According to an article in the Los Angeles Times, “In all, 131 California residents were believed to have been infected with well as at least 26 people who resided in seven other states, Canada or Mexico..” (Rong-Gong, 2015). “...about 7 out of every 10 California measles patients in this outbreak were unvaccinated.” (Rong-Gong, 2015). That is a significant amount of people who were infected simply because they chose not to be vaccinated. It only takes one unvaccinated person to spread these infections, and ...

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...ticle from the Los Angeles Times and to be honest I hadn’t even heard of the outbreak in California until reading the article. The article itself was very interesting and informative; it provided a lot of statistics to emphasize how low immunity rates were and are in California. The statistics were hard to read, but just emphasizes how serious non-vaccination can be. I really loved how they included some of the symptoms that were experienced by those who contracted the disease; it just proves how severe and deadly these infections can be. I found it very enticing how the article tied in how California is currently working on a bill that will remove exemptions for state-required vaccinations. This just proves that the state of California is willing to make a change to keep the spreading of infectious diseases, and I think that all states can learn from their example.

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