Vaccinations Are The Cause Of Autism Essay

Vaccinations Are The Cause Of Autism Essay

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Although vaccinations help countries by keeping outbreaks down, there are parents who will disagree with vaccines. The whole of the people matter more than the individual. An example could be in Disneyworld Orlando, Florida. A child spread measles through the workers and caused a huge outbreak to occur. The outbreak should show significant evidence on why the government needs to mandate vaccines. Opponents find that vaccinations are the cause of autism; they believe there is low dosage of mercury in the vaccines which harms the neurons of their child which hinders their development. Overall, the community needs to benefit rather than the individual thus government needs to mandate vaccinations.
Although vaccinations are high in America there is a growing number of parents who are against it. A CNN article posted that from 2002 to 2008 the percentage of children with autism has increased from 1 in 125 to 1 in 88. Pharmaceutical companies have funded millions of dollars into research showing there is no link between vaccines and autism. Even though scientists believe there is no link, parents think otherwise. After a child is of six months of age parents have noticed a difference in there speaking patterns after they received their vaccines, “It 's a fact that many children with ASD regressed… by six months of age, most U.S. children have received about 18 inoculations containing 24 vaccines against nine diseases” (Snyder 2014). The correlation between autism and vaccines is more than coincidental. An immunologist and pediatrician (Verstraeten and Dr. Johnston,) are from University of Colorado and have notable research proving that thimerosal was the reason there was a rise in autism in the United States, both of the scientist r...

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...en killed or weakened so that they don 't cause disease. When your immune system confronts these harmless versions of the germs, it quickly clears them from your body. In the 19th and early 20th centuries, illnesses hit hundreds of thousands of people in the United States each year mostly children and tens of thousands of people died.
The government needs to mandate vaccines for the public. Reasoning behind this is most studies that led to break through in the link for autism were found to be false. This even includes Wakefield’s studies on research where he forges medical records and paid children for their blood. Also, most outbreaks are happening more frequently in the United State since the whole scare of vaccines. Any issues with vaccines happened during the 80’s and back where it spread diseases through the shots but medicine was not as safe at it is today.

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