The Vaccination Of The Hpv Vaccine Essay

The Vaccination Of The Hpv Vaccine Essay

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If you could help protect yourself against cancer with a vaccine would you get that vaccine? HPV short for Human Papillomavirus is a virus that affects a widespread of people. HPV can cause cervical cancer, vaginal cancer, and vulvar cancer, in females. It can cause anal cancer in both males and females along with genital warts. Twenty four million Americans are estimated to be infected with the HPV virus. This virus is transmitted through genital-to-genital contact not only sexual intercourse. Symptoms of the HPV virus can be latent. Girls and women of ages nine through twenty-six are encouraged to receive the Gardasil vaccine to help prevent the HPV virus. We need the HPV vaccine to help protect women and men from cancer and other serious problems related to the HPV virus.
In recent years the HPV vaccine, Gardasil, has caused quite the debate whether or not youth should be vaccinated. Advocates against the HPV vaccine believe that adolescents don’t fully comprehend the utility of the HPV vaccine therefore they believe it will protect them against sexually transmitted diseases. 1 Parent advocate groups believe that while vaccinating and protecting children from the HPV virus it will then make children want to engage in risky sexual activities. The HPV vaccine offers a false sense of protection to children who are under constant peer pressure to engage in premarital sex. 1 Children are under constant peer pressure from friends and classmates to have sex. The HPV vaccine is giving adolescents a “license” to have sexual intercourse. Parents who advocate against this vaccine believe that public health is offering confusing messages to children. Parents don’t want public health officials promoting the vaccine; they want them to pro...

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...of $4 billion.10 The vaccination of school age girls is very cost effective. If all school age girls were to be vaccinated for the HPV virus it would save millions of dollars. Girls who were vaccinated would be protected from infections caused by HPV and it would also help prevent cervical cancer. We have the ability to prevent an infection and help reduce the risk of cancer in the form of a vaccine. The number of lives that Gardasil could save is impeccable.
I believe we need the HPV vaccine Gardasil to help prevent infections caused by the HPV virus and help reduce the risk of cancer. We are very fortunate to live in a country where we have the access to this vaccine. The world is changing. People are having more and more sexual partners. Teenagers are engaging in risky sexual behavior at an early age. People are dying of cancer that resulted from the HPV virus.

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