Vaccination Of Schools Should Make Mandatory Requirements Of Admission That Parents Vaccinate Their Children

Vaccination Of Schools Should Make Mandatory Requirements Of Admission That Parents Vaccinate Their Children

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It is common practice for infants and children to get routinely vaccinated to protect against childhood diseases. Vaccinations start as early as birth and infants can increase up to four to five shots during well-baby visits at the doctor’s office. These immunizations protect against diseases such as measles, which is a highly contagious viral airborne infection that causes fever, cough, sore throat and rash; polio, which causes vomiting, fever, pain, and can lead to permanent paralysis; diphtheria, which is a nose and throat infection that creates a thick layer coating the throat, making it difficult to breathe; and many more. These serious and oftentimes fatal childhood diseases can spread easily and are preventable simply by vaccination. Schools should make mandatory requirements of admission that parents vaccinate their children against common childhood diseases to protect their health and wellbeing.
Some childhood diseases are highly contagious and can spread easily from one child to another. If a child simply coughs and sneezes, the microbes become airborne and easily transmissible. And with people in such close contact in schools and colleges, outbreaks can easily occur, such as the December 2014 – January 2015 measles outbreak that supposedly emanated from Disneyland in Anaheim, California. The CDC asserted that the origin might have been a single traveler with measles at peak infection visiting the park, which gets thousands of visitors any given day (CDC, 2016). Another example is the mumps outbreak that occurred at UC Berkeley from August 2011 – January 2012. The source appeared to be an unvaccinated male student that came to the Tang Health Center with a fever and facial swelling (Zipprich, et al., 2012). Weeks later, ...

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Although childhood immunizations can be painful and scary, schools should make them mandatory for admission for the health and wellbeing of children and for everyone else around them. Childhood diseases can be highly contagious, can spread easily, and can lead to outbreaks, potentially affecting everyone in their class and school. Kids need to get vaccinated so they can build their immunity to reduce their risk of contraction and becoming seriously or even fatally ill. It is understandable to have doubts of the effectiveness and side effects, but if there were any real and significant danger in vaccines, doctors would not be recommending them. Studies have shown the dwindling numbers in incidence of disease over time thanks to vaccines. Therefore, if parents want to make sure their kids are going to school in a safe and healthy environment, it is best to vaccinate.

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