The Vaccination Of India And Policy Change Essay

The Vaccination Of India And Policy Change Essay

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Application Exercise #4: Rotavirus Vaccination in India and Policy Change
• Identify the health topic you selected.
Rotavirus remains a major killer of children under five years of age worldwide, taking the lives of 453,000 children in 2008 according to the latest estimates. Tragically, approximately 95% of preventable rotavirus deaths occurred in countries that are eligible to receive GAVI-support to introduce rotavirus vaccines. Five countries–India, Nigeria, Pakistan, Democratic Republic of Congo, and Ethiopia–all GAVI-eligible, accounted for more than half of all rotavirus deaths globally.

• Identify and describe a population that is impacted by your selected health topic.
India accounts for 22% of global rotavirus-inducted diarrheal deaths. For this assignment, I chose to specifically target low-income communities in India, and the health behavior of getting families to give their infant and young children the rotavirus vaccine. This will help greatly reduce the preventable -yet highly deadly- diarrheal disease that is caused from the epidemic of unsafe drinking water in poverty-stricken neighborhoods. Due to highly unsafe drinking water, rotavirus is transmitted by the fecal-oral route, via contact with contaminated hands, surfaces and objects, and possibly by the respiratory route. The feces of an infected person can contain more than 10 trillion infectious particles per gram; fewer than 100 of these are required to transmit
infection to another person. Since -currently- there is no solution to cleaning up the drinking water supply, it is much simpler and cost-effective to have the at-risk population get vaccinated
in order to greatly reduce transmission.

• Identify and describe a policy you think should be implemen...

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...s enforced, and successfully ensures the highest amount of vaccination of the most vulnerable populations in India. The school boards will record and report to the State the students who do not have the vaccine. Those who do not will be turned away until they get the vaccine. All medical or religious exemptions will be submitted to the State for review.


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