Essay about Vaccination Is Effective For Children, Elderly And Sickness

Essay about Vaccination Is Effective For Children, Elderly And Sickness

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Vaccination is one of the public health around the world, it is important in life. “A vaccination is the injection of a killed or weakened organism that produces immunity in the body against that organism” ( n.d.). Vaccination is beneficial to children, elderly and sickness. People can vaccinate at hospital or clinic. In addition, vaccine is “an antigenic substance prepared from the causative agent of a disease or a synthetic substitute, used to provide immunity against one or several diseases” (Oxford Dictionaries 2015). Vaccination is good to entire society, but it can be argued that parents who think it can lead to negative effects and it is not compulsory in some countries, such as Australia. Vaccination is not compulsory in Australia, and a requirement for school entry (VAIS n.d.). Some people believed that vaccination is beneficial to society, despite it can be argued by parents who think it may have risk and ineffective. This essay will discuss the positive and negative effects of different level.

First of all, in the individual level, parents believed that vaccination improves immunisation system and protect personal health. “An immunization is the process by which a person or animal becomes protected from a disease, vaccines cause immunization, and there are also some diseases that cause immunization after an individual recovers from the disease” ( n.d.). Vaccination can protect children in different side. One of the circumstances is that children who contact germs everyday in school or transportation, these harmful bacteria can affect them a lot, it will defend their body. Thus, the vaccine can prevent pathogenic bacteria invade the children body, it is beneficial for children. According to Gattá...

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... it is beneficial for them to get more material to vaccination. Consequently, vaccination can protect most people and prevents infections disease. Vaccination is beneficial for the entire society, so it should be mandatory and reckless of parent desire. Apart from the above mentioned, parents should investigate the positive and negative effects of vaccination and the information of vaccine. In other words, when people have side effects after vaccinated, they should aware that how to solving the problems entirely. Furthermore, the government can provide more information about vaccination in different side such as advertisements, leaflet, and a course of lectures in school. Also, the government should try to know more about parents because they control the entire thing for children, if the government deiced to compulsory vaccination, they should get parents agreement.

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