Vaccination For Children Should Be Vaccinated Essay

Vaccination For Children Should Be Vaccinated Essay

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In the United States 90% of parents choose to have their children immunized. This includes 28 immunizations by age four. (Film Media Group np) However, this statistic is declining as more parents are opting out of vaccinating their children each year. The small percent of parents opting out of vaccinations could have detrimental effect on disease outbreaks. They are putting themselves and people who can’t be vaccinated at risk. Many parents are simply uninformed about vaccines and how important they really are to keep everyone safe. Contagious diseases can spread quickly and as history has shown, they have the power to kill thousands of people.
In order to save lives and prevent outbreaks children should be required to be vaccinated. In the United States it’s a federal law that all children be vaccinated before attending kindergarten in a public school. However, each state has the power to determine who is exempt. Some states allow religious and philosophical exempts. There are ways around not having your child vaccinated and it’s easier than you would think to get around this law. Most parents don’t understand that by opting out of vaccinating their child they are putting their child and everyone around them at risk. Their child is more at risk for catching a disease and spreading it to other people who are more susceptible such as the elderly and those who can’t be vaccinated for health reasons.
Vaccinations have come a long way from when they were first discovered. In the 17th century Turkish people would rub the scabs of infected people onto the skin of healthy people to protect them from the small pox infection. This became known as inoculation. However, it worked for some people it was not considered a safe...

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...p). The journal retraced the study after further investigation found false information and no connection between vaccines and autism.
Some parents choose not to vaccinate because they worry about the side effects. Most vaccinations it’s common to have redness and soreness at the injection site. It’s also common to have a fever and mild symptoms. These symptoms are not serious and are common responses from the body. More serious side effects such as seizures and allergic reactions are very rare. Parents need to remember that just because there is a one in a million chance their child will have severe side effects they also have a better chance of catching the disease without vaccination. Vaccines are safe and are always being closely monitored. Just because you heard one story about a person having severe side effects from a vaccine doesn’t mean that you will also.

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