Vacationing in Albania Essay examples

Vacationing in Albania Essay examples

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According to My Travel Guide, Albania is ranked the fourth among ten places worth visiting in Eastern

Europe. One can encounter three kinds of vacations in this Mediterranean country: winter, summer, and

cultural. The ideal places to spend your winter vacations are the Albanian Alps. They are situated in the northern Albania, where tourists have discovered amazing mountains, landscapes with isolated charm-full valleys, and ancient traditions. The valley of Valbona is the first picturesque landscape you should visit.While walking along this valley, you will hear the strong gurgling sound of the water. The village situated next to Valbona is Theth. It is the most charming villages of the northern Albania because of the virgin nature and the small wooden houses. Moreover, Theth is the most appropriate place to go camping with your friends, especially for those tourists who like risky adventures of hiking in the mountains of Valbona and Theth. They are geographically and physically appropriate for hiking. Moreover, visitors practice canoe as well. The Grunas Canyon in Theth is a challenge for international and Albanian tourists that are passionate about canyons. Still, the best thing of the northern Albania remains the fact that it is rarely visited. Therefore, its nature is completely pristine, ready to satisfy all its visitors.
If you are looking for summer vacations rather than wintery ones, the western Albanian seaside or eastern Ohrid lake would be suitable alternatives. My home country has a wonderful seaside, which lies along the West part of Albania, from Shkodra to Saranda. You can choose the kind of sea you like better, either the shallow, sandy one, or the deep and salty sea. The first is Adriatic, and it lies from ...

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... Albanian town to visit is Korca. This town lies next to Pogradeci, in the southeastern Albania. Albanians consider Korca to be the small Albanian Paris, as its citizens are quite romantic. The village of Voskopoja is part of this city. Surprisingly, it used to be a trade center and the “home” of the first university in Balkan. This wonderful eastern village is “also rich in churches” (Neil Olsen 44).
To conclude, Albania remains an attractive place for vacation during winter and summer because of its immaculate nature. This small country, which lies between the East and West, offers the perfect mixture of eastern and western cultures. Therefore, it is worth having cultural vacations in Albania. Once, Lord Byron wrote, “Albania . . . is a country rarely visited . . .though abounding in more natural beauties than the classical regions of Greece” (qtd. in Olsen 12).

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