Essay on V Beam Laser

Essay on V Beam Laser

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V-beam laser treatment produces a gentle but intense burst of light that destroys the blood vessels in the area of treatment. The V-beam laser can successfully treat the following skin conditions:
• Acne
• Facial, chest and neck redness
• Face veins (telangiectasias)
• Rosacea
• Hemangiomas (small and large red bumps or growths)
• Scars
• Vascular lesions
• Red birth marks (port wine stains)
Working of V beam laser:
The V beam laser utilizes an intense light burst that targets the blood vessels which turn the scars red or pink. The laser destroys the targeted blood vessels in the area of treatment without affecting the surrounding tissue. Each of the laser pulses lasts only for a fraction of second, so the heat is not radiated to the surrounding skin. The laser energy penetrates your skin and is absorbed by the pigment in the blood vessels of your scar.
V beam laser treatment stimulates the formation of collagen and gives you a healthier and younger look. It can also fight against the acne causing bacteria and results in reduced acne breakouts. It is advisable not to use any anesthetic or numbing gel as the treatment can be well tolerated without such gels. The feeling can be described as a slightly stinging sensation or as being snapped by a rubber band. A feel of warmth or a slightly stinging sensation can be felt in the treated area following the treatment.

Who can be benefited with the V-beam laser?
Deciding whether V beam laser is suitable for you depends mostly on the type of scar you are willing to treat. The improvement after the treatment depends on the severity and type of scar. Moderate or mild scars can be treated effectively and they become almost unnoticeable. The severe scars are also reduced but it...

... middle of paper ... This typically vanishes within a few hours.
Cold compresses can be used by the patients undergoing the treatment during 24 hours following the treatment. This helps to counteract swelling. Some skin clinics recommend the use of vitamin K cream and taking Arnica montana tablets. Arnica and vitamin-K accelerate the healing process. These medications are easily available on the health stores.
People who have undergone the treatment, should not use scrubs or other products containing abrasive material. You should moisturize the skin and use a gentle cleanser twice a day. Using retinoids should be avoided for two nights following the treatment.
It is advisable to avoid sun exposure before and during the V-beam laser treatment. Using a sun block of SPF 30 or higher is recommended. The sunscreen must be able to block both the UVA and UVB rays.

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