Essay Uw And The Uw Career Center Website

Essay Uw And The Uw Career Center Website

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University of Washington is a school that provides a lot of resources so I decided to reach out to UW Society of Women Engineers and the UW Career Center website which have both led me to endless opportunities. One of the officers in SWE who is currently studying and doing a reasearch in the Materials Science & Engineering department at UW povided me a long list of names of professionals that I can talk to at UW. At the same time, the UW Career Corner Stone guided me to multiple websites of professional societies that focus on Material Science such as the Materials Research Society, American Ceramic Society and American Institute of Mining, Metallurgical and Petroleum Engineers. I started by browsing through all the websites and emailed a couple of them to which one responded by connecting me to its member who is currently living in Seattle.
Karin Anderson is a University of Washington graduate class of ’89 and ’96 who graduated with mechanical engineering degree and masters. Having a first hand experience being in the engineering deparment at UW, I knew right away that Karin would have great advices and insights for me. It was enthralling to learn that the engineering department was just as competitive 30 years ago.
Even though she did not earn a degree in Materials Science, she told me that Materials was one of the biggest areas taught in mechanical engineering. A mechanical engineer learns a little bit of what every other type of engineering does and that opened up a lot of doors for her to work in various field.
A couple of weeks upon graduating, she received a job offer from Boeing to work as a design engineer working with materials that make up different parts of airplanes. A few years into the job, her team in Boeing...

... middle of paper ...

...iked being in the technical department better and she clarified that she has no regrets in life. Karin also explained that she would choose quality of life over money any time and living by that has helped her a lot in life.
Karin is a laid-back woman and I am beyond grateful that she is very open and willing to share her personal stories with me. I gained a lot more than I expected to from the meetup. Before this interview, I expected to be told the specific directions to go to succeed in this field, and although she did give me useful tips to thrive as an engineer, she taught me a more important lesson, that is to keep exploring. One thing I learned from our meeting is that I could try to plan out my whole life, but sometimes it may not turn out exactly as how I want it to be which is why I have to be open to the possibilities that I may end up in different path.

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