Uttar Pradesh and Tamil Nadu: A Comparative Study in Micro-Finance Essay

Uttar Pradesh and Tamil Nadu: A Comparative Study in Micro-Finance Essay

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(In the following sections we would review the existing literature in this field. Then we would proceed to explain our research methodology that we adopt in order to explain the growth of microfinance in the country and bring out the a comparative study of the growth of microfinance in the two states of Uttar Pradesh and Tamil Nadu.)

Literature Review-
Studies analyzing the Micro Financing in India-
Micro finance has been a field which has attracted a lot of research work. A review of the major research works of economists and sociologists provide us with interesting insights on issues related to microfinance.
Seibel and Parhusib (1990) in their study mentioned that expansion of credit coverage through state interventions approach was largely based on the premise that rural micro entrepreneur are unable to organize themselves. Thus they would need subsidized credit for increasing their income and are too poor to serve.
The study by Yaron (1994) found that microfinance is much more than microcredit, stating:
“Provision of thrift, credit and other financial services and products of very small amounts to the poor in rural, semi-urban and urban areas for enabling them to raise their income levels and improve living standards”. The Self Help Group promoters emphasize that mobilizing saving is the first building block of financial services. Micro Finance programs have rapidly expended in recent years. Some examples are: Membership of Sa-Dhan (a leading association) has expanded from 43 to 96 community development. The CARE CASH program took on the challenge of working with small NGO-MFIs and community owned-managed microfinance organization.
The study also reveals that results in term of microfinance outreach can be identified th...

... middle of paper ...

...ber 2006, Available from: http://www.nabard.org/hindi/databank/pdf/Dec_NewsLetter_For_Mail.pdf [2 October 2009].

MICRO FINANCE IN INDIA: a state wise analysis-DR (MS) RAVI KIRAN

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Puhazhendhi, V. (2000), “Evaluation Study of Self-Help Groups in Tamil Nadu, National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development”, Mumbai.

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