The Utopian Experiment of Utopian Community Brook Farm Essay

The Utopian Experiment of Utopian Community Brook Farm Essay

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Have you ever dreamed of a community so perfect where you could live, work, and go to school on a daily basis? A community filled with so much happiness and peace among the society? A society where jobs are available as well as proficient teaching for citizens in that society. A place where citizens have the options of choice for which career they choose. A place filled with intelligent people who have high morals. Brook Farm was created to unite human relationships together.

To begin with, the Utopian Community Brook Farm, was one of the most famous experiments in the U.S. that lasted for five years. The Brook Farm Community was created to bring human relationships together. Brook Farm consisted of a schooling system and physical laboring.The idea of the farm was created for people to have individual freedom as well as having a civilized relationship with one another. According to George Ripley, the founder of Brook Farm, "The purpose of his community was, in effect, to overcome the tensions and contradictions that, up until, had plagued human beings in the world." The Community members on the farm had to work for their way. The members of the farm received a fair amount of the excellent education Brook Farm had to offer. You were not judged by your class or wealth within the community for the sake of your education; however, everyone was given education evenly. The members were allowed to retain their own private land in the community. Brook Farm did not deprive the members of their own individuality and of their privacy.

The founder of the Brook Farm Community was Reverend George Ripley. Because Ripley was not spiritual anymore, he decided to succumb his pulpit. However, "He described himself to his parishioners in hi...

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... and men of the community would freely pick their jobs without being demanded. Both women and men received an evenly amount of hours. Most of the time the women would be taking care of household chores and the children while the men produced crops and did most of the farming. At one point a man named Lewis Ryckman, suggested a business of shoemaking which successful.

The Brook Farmers were transformed people after a hard day of work. The members would come home,eat dinner and find time for themselves to relax, enjoy, and have fun. For the most part, they enjoyed music, dancing, cardplaying, charades, tableaux vivants, dramatic readings, plays, costume parties, picnics, sledding, and skating. They would often perform Shakespearean plays. While enjoying musical acts, the members would join in on the fun. They enjoyed many activities after a long day of work.

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