Essay on Utilization Of Mental Health Services

Essay on Utilization Of Mental Health Services

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Utilization of mental health services is a significant product of the relationship that is established between the patient and their health care provider. Given the certain time restrictions of a clinical visit and the complexity of mental disorders that may be more predominant in one ethnic group than the other, physicians must find a balance between satisfying their patient’s psychological needs and maintaining efficiency throughout their practice. A constructive, patient-provider relationship allows the individual to be an active participant in the betterment of their health. In fact, the Center for Advancing Health states that physicians who make an effort to communicate with their clients in a less-dominating manner offer this party with more agency over treatment plans, which helps mitigate the original power dynamic between the patient and provider (2011). This technique may also be conducive to health improvements in African-American females with depression and anxiety due to the characterization of the Superwoman complex that influences this demographic group to take control of their situation as a means for protection from vulnerability and extreme dependency on others. Moreover, effective conversations on behalf of the physician is a multidimensional approach to care as it elicits positive reciprocation from the patient based on several factors. Interpersonal trust, perceived cultural competency and diagnosis accuracy are some of the health determinants that impact one’s willingness to seek care in the clinical setting.
Interpersonal trust is essential to the patient-provider relationship as it is an agent for the quality and quantity of care. For instance, improvement in health status and satisfaction levels with phy...

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...d underdiagnosis of depression have a significant, detrimental impact on the mental well-being of African American women, due to increased incidence rates of “psychiatric and mental disorders” (Carrington 2006). Physicians should be trained to recognize culturally-bound symptoms in order to avoid false presumptions of patients who belong to a different racial and ethnic background. For instance, sleep paralyses and somatization are two manifestations of medical illness that are presented in the clinical setting on behalf of the majority of African American females; these symptoms may also allude to psychiatric disorders in this population (Carrington 2006). It takes cultural competency and humility to not only understand this connection, but to also accurately examine patients of the Black diaspora and recommend beneficial modes of treatment for depression and anxiety

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