The Utah Public Safety Department 's Motorcycle Safety Advertisement Essay

The Utah Public Safety Department 's Motorcycle Safety Advertisement Essay

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A rhetorical analysis of the Utah Public Safety Department’s motorcycle safety advertisement. The U.P.S.D. is trying to reach out to the motorcycle riders in the state of Utah and get these riders to understand that they should wear more protective gear than what is normally worn. Simple yet powerful is this advertisement focusing on the issue of motorcycle riders not wearing protective gear while riding on the public roads and while riding in general. So when a rider gets into an accident and has their unprotected body flying across the pavement they get permanent scars and wounds called road rash. The public announcement advertisement, from the Utah public safety department, visually attracts any motorcycle riders eyes by using common motorcycle materials, textures, colors, designs, and symbolism in order to get riders to realize that common motorcycle injuries like road rash is preventable.
         Certain materials and textures used in the advertisement are very recognizable in motorcycle culture. The first material a viewer will see is the individual strings of the large patches. These patches are all over the advertisement. Other patches on the advertisement are the yellow Utah shaped street sign with the sports bike inside to symbolize the motorcyclist who ride in Utah. Another major material used is the black leather jacket background. Every motorcyclist knows that a leather jacket is a clear sign of a motorcyclist who is either a casual cruiser rider or a one percenter. One percenters are the notoriously bad stereotypical Harley Davidson riders who sell drugs, guns, and murder. Textures such as the scaleness of the leather provide a feel to the advertisement. Another texture used is the rough, uneven string that is the m...

... middle of paper ...

...izes a wall of protection looking over the riders. The banner inside the wings of the patch can represent the common design for where the name of the riding group usually goes. The black leather of the riding jacket have lighting effects as if it is being worn by a rider. The last element of symbolism is within the Utah shaped sign, which is the rider 's helmet which represents the Utah Lake.
         Materials, textures, colors, designs, and symbolism are five subjects in this advertisement and are common visual items for motorcyclist. Statistics from insurance agencies, public health departments, and motorcyclist who have been in accidents will say to wear protective gear or at least recommend to wear a helmet. It is incredibly important to wear motorcycle protective gear in order to maintain one 's health for the rest of their life instead of having scars for life.

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