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Using Vitro Fertilization ( Ivf ) Essays

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New technology that involves using in vitro fertilization (IVF), which allows a egg and sperm to become an embryo in a petri dish and then transferred to the uterus. Pre-implantation genetic diagnosis (PGD), which allows the embryo to be evaluated. Are these techniques something from where we could benefit or will they, result in a harmful outcome? There are benefits that come from designer babies. If a couple knows that a genetic disease, such as cystic fibrosis, is inherited in the family, the doctors can use these techniques to reduce the chance of their child having the disorder. The term ‘designer babies’ is derived from the fact that a couple could choose a child’s physical traits such as sex, hair color, and other genetic traits. Many people are skeptical of what will come from this. Should people be allowed to pick what their child looks like? People fear about the consequences of using these methods.
IVF, allows couples to do genetic testing. PGD diagnosis is a screening method to detect genetic disorders within the embryo. These tests allow couples to select the desirable traits they would want for their child.1 Beneficial outcomes from PGD include such as healthier babies and longer life span. “Prenatal whole-genome sequencing will also provide parents with information about their prospective child 's genetic susceptibility to illnesses like lung cancer, arteriosclerosis, and diabetes.”2 For instance, mothers and fathers who know that their child is at risk for lung cancer can make the wise decision of not smoking around their child.2 “Warned in advance about their child 's heightened risk of diabetes, parents could devise a diet and exercise regimen aimed at preventing its onset.”2
Is it ethical to disrupt the embryo t...

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... use of technology is not 100% accurate and can be unsafe. Many people disregard these facts because designer babies would be better looking and smarter. There could be a split between designer babies and non-designer babies; society could have different social groups and one of the two would be outcast. Also, because the procedure is expensive and many people cannot afford it, the tension between designer babies and non-designer babies could rise immensely. So, having a designer baby for health reasons is rational, but to have a designer baby because you want a certain physical appearance and intellectual mind is selfish and unethical. The Savoir siblings are controversial in our society. Savior siblings can help an ill child, but what is the outcome for the other child? To what extent will society and technology go in order to create an advanced humankind, and why?

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