Using Various Methods For Our Electricity Essay

Using Various Methods For Our Electricity Essay

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In New Zealand we use various methods for our electricity. Most of our electricity comes from renewable sources such as, hydro energy and wind energy (plus a few more) and the other part comes from fossil fuels. Fossil fuels have some disadvantages to them and photovoltaic panels could possibly be a replacement for them. Photovoltaic panels that use the principle of the photoelectric effect have their own advantages and disadvantages. They require sunlight in which itself is a big advantage and disadvantage. It 's a big advantage because sunlight is free and in most parts of New Zealand there is sunlight however this proves to be a problem because sunlight is limited in the times you can acquire it. The sun is only available during the day and even that can prove to be a challenge for days when it is cloudy, raining and in the very few parts of New Zealand the days when it snows, when we have short days compared to long days and it 's not available during the night. Although sunlight is abundant another challenge it proves is the way it can be stored for times it 's not available (ni...

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