Essay about Using Unstructured Or Semi Structured Techniques

Essay about Using Unstructured Or Semi Structured Techniques

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Directed Task 2
Abstract 1 can be identified as a qualitative methodology as the abstract contains elements of opinions and meanings behind issues in the passage and this method has been defined as a method that is used to gather data that helps to understand the meaning, reason and opinions behind a problem, while at the same time providing insights into the problem or helping to develop the ideas or hypotheses for research. Qualitative data collection methods usually use unstructured or semi-structured techniques. Some of these methods include group discussions, individual interviews, and participation or observations. The sample size is normally small, and respondents are selected to fill a set quota. The advantages of qualitative data are that you are given a more in-depth and detailed evaluation of the issues and subject researched. Another advantage is that in interviews you are not limited to set questions and can elaborate or guide the participants in the interview, which means the direction and framework of the research can be changed as more information and findings are collated. Furthermore, the data depends on experience and this is more valid than data gathered through quantitative research and can explain the meaning and reason behind the data, where the positivistic data cannot.
The disadvantages of qualitative data are that the research is dependent on the skills of the researcher and can be easily influenced by biases of researchers and as the presence of researcher in the process of data gathering is unavoidable it can, therefore, influence the response of participant, for example, they may lie or exaggerate the experience and could affect the study. Another disadvantage is the size of the finding of the data, wh...

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...d make sure to create a risk assessment to have the all the guardians responsible for each child informed about the investigation.

A final ethical issue or dilemma Emma might face in her research in her investigation on the impact of energy drinks on the health of school children is the children’s physical and mental health as the side effects of the investigation may not have many physical medical effects. But seeing as the annual report of the Chief Medical Officer (2012) suggested that as many as 1 in 10 children possess a clinically diagnosable mental disorder, Emma needs to be sure that anything that occurs in the investigation does not harm a whether child suffering from clinical depression or an anxiety disorder. A solution Emma could consider to address this ethical dilemma is to take a teacher with them to also look after them and monitor over the session.

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