Using Theoretical Frameworks Like The One Proposed By Alan Fox Essay examples

Using Theoretical Frameworks Like The One Proposed By Alan Fox Essay examples

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Using theoretical frameworks like the one proposed by Alan Fox outlined in the lecture given in Week 3, explain to Ms Cutter the different ways in which the employment relationship can be conceptualised (10 marks)
In the working environment there is an exchange of social and economical factors that form the basis of employment relationships. Employment relationships are defined as the economic and social practices in the work environment between the employees and employers. There is an agreement between employers and employees of providing labor in exchange for an income (Geate 2006). It is also defined as the relationships between the employees and employers on a mutual agreement for employees to work to the best of their ability and to follow and respect the authority and duties of the employer, also known as the power relationship. It is also seen as a progressive contract where employees can change and limit their work and can come together to question and challenge the current authority.
The relationship itself is interdependent as workers are involved in the company’s progression and sustainability and it not only affects the employers but the employers. The relationships formed are also ways to gain respect and cooperation from employees on the instructions and duties of the employers. If the relationship is built the work ethic of the employees are likely to be more sufficient as the employees are more incline to put more effort into their work Clarkson (2014).
The nature of the relationships can determine the potential for conflict amongst all existing parties involve in the company. Issues such a shifts, wages, training, employment conditions, co- workers, managers and workers rights are all apart of the industrial c...

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...he result of ongoing struggle between two competing social classes, whilst industrial conflict is viewed as being a reflection of the struggle played out in the workforce.

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