Using The Teach Model Coach Review Approach For Children With Language Impairment

Using The Teach Model Coach Review Approach For Children With Language Impairment

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Authors Roberts, Kaiser, Wolfe, Bryant, and Spidalieri conducted a study in 2014 using the Teach-Model-Coach-Review approach to provide caregivers with four methods to stimulate language in children with language impairment. As a baseline, the authors investigated how children between the ages of 24 and 48 months communicated with their caregivers. Caregivers were then taught four ways to obtain language from their children. These methods included
1. responding to something the child has said as a way to reinforce that behavior, 2. adding words or concepts to the child’s remark, 3. waiting for the child to make a communicative attempt and 4. encouraging the child to respond how the caregiver would like them to. Research has found that around 15% of 24 month olds show deficient language characteristics with no known cause. This pertains to our client, PF, because difficulties with language comprehension and production in the early years of life directly correlate with an increased probability of continuing communication problems, poor preparation for their academic career, and concerns with literacy acquisition.
The authors examined whether showing caregivers how to use these strategies to augment linguistic development would increase the children’s language abilities. The term Enhanced Milieu Technique describes these methods, and they revolve around desirable communication for the child that is enticing and encourages the child’s initiation of the communication behavior. The caregiver then uses those activities to elicit language in a more general context. The authors worked with four pairs of children and caregivers during this study, over a total of 24 sessions. The authors educated the caregivers about three methods through...

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...t the study’s beginning was partially responsible for some of the improvements the children made. Thus, it would be necessary to conduct the TMCR method with and without a live model. Also, using a larger subject pool as well as one that is more culturally diverse would generalize more appropriately to the population as a whole. This article also begs the question whether this approach to teaching the four strategies to caregivers could be modified for speech-language pathologists who may only administer therapy to their child twice a week. Further investigation of the language gains that would be acquired in children who are given therapy less often is needed. Additionally, it would be an advantage to investigate whether each of the four strategies is crucial in the improvement of language, or if there is an optimal combination of strategies that is most beneficial.

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