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Using The Mobile Application For Meals Essays

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For the past two months, I have been using the mobile application SideChef weekly to plan for meals. After unsuccessfully trying to find a suitable application to find quick, nutritious and easy recipes to make, I stumbled across SideChef. Once I downloaded this app, I had low expectations for it since it is free. However, this prejudgment against it was wrong as I was enthralled by the beautiful interface within the app.
SideChef was inspired by Kevin Yu after unsuccessfully attempting to making a palatable Valentine’s Day dinner for his girlfriend. He then realized that this special dinner would be possible only if he had a GPS cooking companion that showed him the recipe and a visual step-by-step preparation to complete the dish. Since there were no applications at the time that did this, Mr. Yu created SideChef as the ultimate cooking companion. In this application, recipes are included for anyone, no matter what skill level or cooking desire the person may have.
Although I would consider myself as an intermediate cooker, I gained plenty of useful information while using SideChef. As soon as I opened the application, I was pleased with the highly upscale yet user-friendly interface. The first thing that I noticed on the app was the “Explore” tap that had of list food options to choose from. Once a food item was selected, information regarding it was given. The information ranged from the seasonality of the food item, how to properly select and store it, cooking tips, clever uses, health benefits, food science, and related ingredients. I enjoyed having this available to me as it helped when I later used recipes involving some ingredients like avocado and squash, which were unfamiliar to me.
Besides this, SideChef g...

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...filtering recipes catered towards my dietary requirements. Lastly, if I accidently exit out of the application, SideChef’s tracking feature allows me to resume on the recipe that I may be working on without having to scroll through my saved list.
Discovering SideChef was a blessing as I am trying to change my eating habits to healthier options. As a college student, it is hard to maintain eating well balanced meals as the cost of food is rising along with the time demands of being a full-time student. I do not have the time to spend hours planning and prepping for meals that have lengthy recipes. However, with the option to cook meals under 30 minutes, SideChef has allowed cooking balanced meals to fit perfectly into my busy schedule. I think that with continually use of this fantastic application, I can eventually meet my goal of eating balanced nutritious meals.

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