Using The Common Core Curriculum ( Ccc ) Through The Public School System

Using The Common Core Curriculum ( Ccc ) Through The Public School System

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A large portion of the United States population has been educated using the Common Core Curriculum (CCC) through the public school system. The CCC is a set of academic standards for K-12 student education determined by a select group of experts in conjunction with the federal government. It is used to accurately determine the performance of schools based upon scores achieved on standardized tests given by the CCC to students. The common curriculum itself generally changes every few years, focusing on standardizing students’ education to improve upon previous years’ education. While the common core is a standardization process of education, results dictate the idea that the CCC is inherently biased and shapes students’ identities, whereby enabling students to conform to a rigid and uniform school of thought. For my investigation of the likelihood of this bias, a control must be situated. This control will be the basis of which the CCC introduced itself, as well as the basis of which the CCC improves upon itself.
Early 1990s public school system students saw the beginning of a standardized movement labeled the “Standards & Accountability Movement” with the sole purpose of creating points at each level of education to quantify and analyze the performance of schools and students. This led to the development of the CCC, which had a goal of standardizing the targeted intelligence and education of each student in the public school system for improvement of education at a national level.
Initially the CCC started with a small amount of states adhering to their standards. Over the past decade the CCC has evolved into a much greater entity with a gigantic spread over the country. Currently, 43 states require their public school system...

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...cation such as private and home schooling could also be based on the same evidence, thereby making the “bias” a common standard in education.
A study done by the Nation Center of Education Statistics (NCES) and the National Commission on Education and the Economy (NCEE) showed that private schools, on average, had 20% more students graduating above NCEE recommendations than public schools. Within the study done by the NCEE it was stated, “Private high schools appear to have more rigorous academic programs.” (NCES 25)
As expected, most private schools create their own curricula, which is a year-by-year program. This is different than a standard, which is a set of goals to determine where any given student is educationally achieving. In fact, private schools showed a clear distinction of uniformity of clear goals and cooperation within their schools. (NCES 21)

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