Using Technology Supported Learning Essay

Using Technology Supported Learning Essay

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Using Technology Supported Learning
The selected topic chosen for the technology supported learning package, supports the learning and teaching of healthy eating. I decided to create an interactive self-assessed food groups package that blends into a lesson on healthy eating. Healthy eating feeds into a lot of the courses I teach; food and nutrition, childcare, personal development and food safety and I wanted to find a different way of making the lesson interesting and informative for my students and myself and at the same time introducing the students to information learning technology, self-directed study and assessment.
The target audience were a group of female students attending a local Sure Start Children's Centre. There are seven students on this course and they have had a mixture of formal education, and some training provided by the Children's Centre; several have had very negative experiences at school, and four of the younger students have left school with no GCSE's. All the female students are unemployed; six are single mothers, and one is married. These students have been encouraged by their family support worker to attend this course; so motivation could be a problem as their confidence levels vary and for three of the seven learners, this is the first time they have taken a formal qualification since leaving school.
At the start of the course all students were assessed for literacy; there are five at Entry Level 3 and two at Level 1. The group have also been assessed for learning styles, two are kinaesthetic, two are visual, and three are aural oriented learners. A basic computer skills assessment was also carried out and all the students have communicated that they are able to use a computer, navigate...

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...; to produce 10 CD's the cost incurred was £266.49 which makes this an expensive resource to produce on a small scale. The modifications required to improve the resource package, could be completed in minimal time and negotiating a deal on having the package reproduced on a larger scale will reduce the cost.
The benefit as a teaching and learning resource allows the students to complete independent study at their own pace, using a technology that they may not have regular access too; it provides the teacher with an innovated way to communicate this subject. Vygotsky (1978) zone of proximal development, suggests "learners can demonstrate and achieve their optimal potential when given some assistance" cited in (Lajoie 2007 p. 29). I feel that the benefits out way the costs of producing this package and the feedback from the students would support this.

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