Using Restaurant Concepts Through Comparative Analysis Essays

Using Restaurant Concepts Through Comparative Analysis Essays

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“Conceptualizing is an integrative strategy designed to take scientific and mathematical thinking beyond the facts and singular theories to the level of the underlying concepts. Such core concepts such as linearity, change, and scale can effectively tie together algebra and geometry, physics and biology, illuminating a hidden pattern of relationships.” (Frid, 1995) When talking about the conceptualization of restaurants all these fundamentals play an important role. To scoop out all the hidden patterns and analyzing them in order to set up a working model for more stability and profitability by understanding customer needs and other influencing factors are the restaurant concepts. The role of restaurant concepts is not just the aesthetic or visual design of a restaurant but is also about pre-assessment of many other factors like location, relationship between concepts and the market, footfall, car traffic, parking, weather conditions, proximity, visibility, and choosing the right name amongst others. This essay lays a clear picture to elaborate the importance of using restaurant concepts through comparative analysis, reasoning and more. For this discussion, I shall be using two restaurants in wellington as key examples to justify the need of having restaurant concepts laid out before the start of the operations, including other examples for further justification and understanding. These have been chosen keeping in mind the factors ranging from their location, popularity and design.

Key Restaurants:
o Zibibbo Tapas and Bar
o Little Penang Restaurant

To be able to create and to come up with a restaurant concept is crucial, difficult and is often times under-appreciated. Which is one reason why most of the restaurants shut down wi...

... middle of paper ...

...gton called Mr. Go’s that has suddenly received a lot of public attention and appreciation and just within two weeks of opening. The name looks catchy and unique also the brand name is linked to the history of an old Asian Gardner Mr. Ah Go who lived on the lower Tasman street, which is within a kilometer from the restaurant. (Mr. Go 's, 2016) This also builds a sense of excitement in the diners proving it to be a very unique name.
With benefits come pitfalls, and this includes a thorough background and market research to check whether the names you have decided for your business are available and are not already taken, also a poor name like the warm bun place, may limit their potential to for expansion of their products for future, it may also lack the unique identity and in some cases may not inform the customers the nature of the business. (Mighty Recruiter, 2016)

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