Using Reflection to Identify Teacher Development Needs Essay

Using Reflection to Identify Teacher Development Needs Essay

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Within this assignment I will start with a brief outline of what reflection is and propose a rationale for engaging in reflection. I will then identify three key themes that featured in my reflective journal and explore these using theoretical models and critical analysis in relation to the development of my professional practice throughout the course and as a trainee teacher. I will then conclude with a summary of my development and identify future professional development needs.

“Reflective practice is understood as the process of learning through and from experience towards gaining new insights of self and/or practice” (Boud et al 1985; Boyd
and Fales, 1983; Mezirow, 1981, Jarvis, 1992).

Reflection has been an important feature of Teacher education for the last two decades (Dieker & Monda –Amaya, 1997; Henry, 1999; Parkay, 2000; Yost and Sentner, 2000). Many theorists, educators and philosophers have developed theories and models about reflection dating back several decades.
John Dewey was the leading educational philosopher of the late 19th and 20th centuries and his ideas are still influential in practice today, he advocated child- centred learning and emphasised the child experience as starting point for learning( Dewey,1933) Key to his philosophy was the development of reflective thinking. Dewey believed that when things don’t fit with theory or go according to plan we learn from it, seeing these events as key moments for learning and by reflecting on the perplexity of problems developed fresh insight to learning.

Like Dewey, Donald Shön (1983) believed that reflection begins in practice when teachers are faced with unique and confusing situations, he named them “the swampy lowlands of practice” (Shön, 1983). He...

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Education 51, pp. 39–49.

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