Using Pretext Stop Survey Essay

Using Pretext Stop Survey Essay

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Looking over the results of the data collected from the respondents of the pretext stop survey, it has shown some quite interesting results. I first look at the univariate analyses for it to give a general idea on what the 104 people had picked for each question of the survey. One of the things that stood out to me the most was that more females took the survey than males. It is no surprise since females tend to be more willing on taking more surveys than males, but it is not to say that males are not willing to take surveys at all. As I went to check my other independent variables, age and gender, I decided not to condense the data for those because I wanted to find out what each race and age group had to say. My hypothesis depends on me not condensing the data of those, especially race since it is to my interest to know which race had the most respondents saying they have been stopped for example. When asking the question of whether pretext stops are done by the police often, the majority of the respondents said that most stops police do are indeed pretext stops. It is not surprising since police are seen in the media has stopping people of certain race or age for no probable reason. Another question I decided to add last minute that can relate back to the media is that more people responded that Black/African Americans get stopped the most. The reason I decided to add this question is just to see what other people believe of what race gets stopped frequently since the media seems to show more cases of Black/African Americans being stopped by the police for what some believe to be not legitimate reasons. For the question asking those who were pulled over, most of the 104 respondents have been stopped, but there were still 47 who...

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...ans tend to get more tickets. For the fairness of the traffic stops, majority of White/Caucasians respondents found that all stops were fair. For the other races, it was a mixed between the responses of some were fair or none were fair. Black/African Americans made the majority of responding of some were fair. The highest percentage of those who said none were fair is Black/African Americans, but it was only a 23.1% which is not a lot. As for the police rating, interesting results have been given. Hispanic/Latinos and Black/African Americans give the police a lower rating on average than any other race.
I ended up finding five multivariate analyses that are noteworthy, significant, interesting and compare similarly to findings in the literature I reviewed. I am going to talk about what data I found more significant beginning with gender, then age, and finally race.

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