Using Oop As Versus Object Oriented Programming Essay

Using Oop As Versus Object Oriented Programming Essay

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Identify at least two (2) advantages to using OOP as compared to using only PP.
Object orientated programming or OOP is a form of programming in which developers describe not just the type of data of a data arrangement, but the kinds of functions or operations as well that can be utilized to the exacting data arrangement within the construction. Procedural programming is a programming style where operations are written in order and called in other parts of the plan, in that a modification in programming to one operation affects any code that is called by that operation. Object oriented programming does not just protect data, but it makes it easier to work with and organized as well (Phillips, 2010). It is a lot simpler to operate with a self contained set of data. Object oriented programming also makes for several very important codes. It is a little like dividing a company into departments. You provide them a responsibility and the assets, and they will do the task, and the department will be accountable for all work connected to the resources.
When compared to procedural programming, object oriented programming also has these advantages:
• Object Oriented Programming offers a lucid modular arrangement for the program which makes it superior for defining conceptual data types where execution details are concealed, and the component has an evidently defined interface.
• Object Oriented Programming makes it simple to maintain and change existing codes as fresh objects can be formed with small diversities to existing ones.
• Object Oriented Programming offers a good structure for code libraries where abounding software elements can be simply modified and adapted by the programmer. This is mainly useful for building graphical user...

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... mouse is an event. When the Click incident happens, the program implements the code in the Sub procedure of the command click. Event driven programming has a number of advantages when compared to pure procedural programming. These advantages include:
• It permits for more interactive programs. Almost all contemporary graphical user interface programs make use of event driven programming.
• It can be executed using hardware disrupts, which will decrease the control used by the computer.
• It permits antennas and other hardware to simply interrelate with software.

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