Using My Intelligences Successfully I Be Analytical, Practical, And Creative

Using My Intelligences Successfully I Be Analytical, Practical, And Creative

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1. State the concept or main idea of this chapter in your own words in a single sentence or 2.

In this chapter I learn there is balance to intelligence. In order to use my intelligences successfully I must be able to be analytical, practical, and creative.
2. Elaborate in your own words and in more depth or great detail what the chapter is addressing in (12) sentences.
This chapter is addressing that in order to be smart it does not only mean to be “book smart” but to be analytical, practical, and creative. In order be intelligent we have to have a balance between these components. We use the three components on a daily basis. By questioning our situation we are analytical, by planning how to fix our situation we are creative and picking is the best answer to the solution is practical. In order to think analytically or critically we must think about what we are going to do. Afterward, gather information about what we are doing and determine whether the information is factual and useful to the situation. In order to think creative we ask our selves “What if?” to get multiple solutions to the situation. Sometime we have to sit and think to be creative. Also not all our ideas will work, but we must write them all out when the ideas come to us. Practical is to ask the how question. If it would logical to this and how can I make that solution without problems. Not everyone has all these skills developed because we don’t understand the need for such thinking. Using such thinking is similar to the scientific method. In order to have an answer at the end, we must reevaluate the analytical step to make sure our information answers the main question or situation. Afterward with proof and reevaluation, then a solution can be made....

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...sking me. I have also started wondering why some does a specific action. Each of theses will not only help become open-mined but be a better nurse. Nurses should be open-mined because it will help them understand why a patient, family member or co-worker is behaving strange. Open-mindedness will also help me build critical thinking skills because I will be open to all possibilities. By opening up to all possibility I will be able to think creatively. I can be resourceful but not always creative. I lack critical thinking skills because I do not think of every possibility of the solution. I will change a limited thinking to a more open-mind of thought. Doing so will help me study as a student because I will be able to question what I learn and make up question to relate to each topic. Being an open-mined person can help me understand other and difficult situations.

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