Essay on Using Modern Communication Technology in the Classroom

Essay on Using Modern Communication Technology in the Classroom

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Technology and more specifically cellular phones play an important role in our everyday life. Today researchers have found that cellular’s help not only inside the classroom but have had a positive learning outcome outside as well (Thomas & OBannon, 2013). When we think of cell phone, learning is not the first thing that comes to mind, but with the different ways that as teacher cell phones can be use for everything. Granted most of these ideas are for more mature students, the ones that have a better understanding of not only technology but also how to use it for their education. Some say that cellular can be use as an incentive for students to learn and there are guides and books that teach educators how to handle the technology in the classroom without creating a problem. Even though some say educator are still the ones deciding if or when to use technology the truth is that every child has a Smartphone or a laptop or some technology available at that moment that not even if the teacher wanted them to stop using it they wouldn’t.
In a society where teenager love everything that ...

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