Essay on Using Mobile Devices While Driving

Essay on Using Mobile Devices While Driving

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Distracted Driving: One Text Or Call Could Wreck It All
There is a high percentage of people that spend a majority of their day sitting behind the wheel of a vehicle. Whether it is commuting to work, taking the kids to school, running errands, or simply going out to eat one may feel that their car has become a second home. With so much time spent behind the wheel, drivers become comfortable and incorporate distracting activities while trying to remain focused on the road. Our inability to put our cell phones away while driving is inexcusable. Drivers who choose to use mobile devices are endangering people’s lives and property with associated risks that are not acceptable. No one distracted driver is better than the next. Do to rising accidents rates involving cell phones and the need to promote personal safety; all states need to implement a standardized ban on using mobile devices while driving.
Since drivers started utilizing cell phones distracted driving, and its consequences have become a rising concern. Cell phones have been available to consumers since the mid-80’s. Widespread use did not occur until the mid-90’s with less than 36 percent of U.S. households owning cellular devices (Homes with cell, 2009). Over the last 15 years or so the population of mobile phone users has spiked to 85 percent with over 230 million people owning cell phones (Homes with cell, 2009). The average American spends 4.5 hours a day on their cell phones (Harper, 2015). Unfortunately, a large portion of this time is spent behind the wheel of a vehicle completely ignoring the lack of safety for fellow drivers. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, more than 18 percent of car accidents result from the use of mobile device...

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...ban is how authorities will have the capability to detect cell phone usage in a car. How will officers see into vehicles to determine if a driver is using handheld devices? The only plausible solution to this problem according to Computerworld is a new radar-like device that will detect cell phone usage in moving vehicles is close to production (Storm, 2014).
It is hard to determine if a national cell phone ban will lower accident rates simply because there will always be distractions for drivers. Although regulations involving handheld devices should be standardized in all states to at least decrease the number of cellphone-related traffic accidents and deaths. It is important for all drivers to take a stand and fight for the necessary regulations in keeping our roads safer. Cell phone usage while driving is dangerous and changes need to be implemented nationwide.

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