Using Mobile Device Use While Operating A Motor Vehicle Should Be Made Illegal

Using Mobile Device Use While Operating A Motor Vehicle Should Be Made Illegal

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Driving to work in your car you see traffic starting to back up which is not good, because you’re already running a little behind. A sign reads “left lane open, only.” Slowly making your way along you see the cause; An accident. Four cars piled up, and there are numerous emergency vehicles present. It looks bad. Finally breaking through, you make it in to work to turn on the news to find out the accident was caused by a driver texting on their cell phone. Two fatalities and three were rushed to the hospital under serious conditions. Unfortunately, this depiction occurs more than often you may see or hear and needs to be stopped. Mobile device use while operating a motor vehicle should be made illegal. It should be categorized with driving under the influence as the driver cannot continually focus on driving and complete sense of alertness is not present.
In order to safely drive a car, you must give the road your full attention. Drivers that divert their awareness — whether it’s to talk on their cell phone or send text messages to their friends — risk the lives of the other drivers on the road. Distracted driving is especially dangerous because, whereas drunk driving usually occurs at night, automobile accidents caused by distracted drivers can all day. It’s a scary thought.
Another major type of distraction is eating in your car while driving; you are focusing on your food and not on the road. Not only is chewing and swallowing taking place, but you are also opening packages, unwrapping and re-wrapping food, reaching, leaning, spilling, wiping and cleaning yourself or your car. These are quite a number of car distractions for one driver on one trip, not mention that reaching for an object increases the risk of a car acciden...

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... that when a driver is sending or receiving a text, the driver is not looking at the road for 4.6 seconds. If traveling at a speed of 55 miles per hour, a driver who is sending or receiving a text will be blind to the road for the length of a football field. When viewed in that context, a driver who is texting while on the road has a greater risk of causing an accident than even a drunk driver, because his or her eyes are completely off the road. As a parent of teenage boys who will eventually be driving one day this makes me feel more comfortable with having them on the road. As any parent I would like to feel that my children are safe in the road from any drivers who may become distracted. If our citizens feel obligated by law to remain focused on the road and no other things our roads will be safer for all. I hope for that day for everyone deserves a safe ride.

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