Essay on Using Krumboltz 's Theory : Helping Taneka Find Her Way

Essay on Using Krumboltz 's Theory : Helping Taneka Find Her Way

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Using Krumboltz’s Theory: Helping Taneka Find Her Way
When a teenager is maturing, one is faced with many challenges. Teenagers may feel like they have so many decisions to make. As a teenager approaches graduation, one may feel overwhelmed. A career counselor is working with a teenager, named Taneka, who is working as a salesperson at a store at a local mall. Her supervisor is impressed by her performance. Taneka’s supervisor is encouraging her to participate in a leadership program. Taneka is torn between joining the work force and going to college after graduating from high school.
The thought of going to college is overwhelming to Taneka. Finances has always been a concern for her family. Her mother is a single parent. Taneka has always helped with her younger siblings. Her father has never been in her life. If Taneka goes to college, she would be the first person in her family to go. Taneka is nervous about going to college. Her grade point average is a 2.05. She is confident that she will get accepted into college.
Taneka needs guidance about the admission process for college. A career counselor will be very helpful when helping Taneka make a decision. Taneka is afraid of the unknown. Taneka has displayed leadership skills. She is a leader amongst her siblings and at her job. Krumboltz’s theory seems to be the best theory to select when working with Taneka. This theory helps to simplify how an individual selects a career (Zunker, 2016).
Krumboltz’s theory will use a client’s life experiences and events to influence what direction an individual takes (Zunker, 2016). This theory is appropriate for Taneka because it will not make Taneka feel as if she has to rush to make a decision. The counselor sho...

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...nt to make the process successful (Gunn & Pistole, 2012). To build this relationship, the supervisee may want to disclose to the supervisor the issues that may prevent self-awareness. The boundaries should also be considered. If a counselor is in need of assistance, supervisor and co-workers may be helpful when working with a client. Co-workers can be useful can provide consultation. As a result of developing a rapport with supervisors and co-workers one will become more self-aware. The counselor will not become mechanical and will be challenged on a daily basis. Building relationships can also help one to remain accountable for one’s actions. Using these resources will help a career counselor to work with Taneka using the Krumboltz’s theory. Regardless of the decision, that she makes she will understand that she can change her career path in the future.

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