Using Immersion And Dual Language Programs Essay

Using Immersion And Dual Language Programs Essay

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Through the acquisition of a second language, studies have shown vast improvements in various academic disciplines and cognitive abilities. Many schools are abandoning ancient teaching techniques for new, innovative ways to teach students foreign languages. Immersion/dual-language programs allow children the opportunity to take all or a great majority of their classes in a second language. Therefore, the second language is used as a “vehicle of communication and instruction,” instead of being taught as just another subject (Stewart 11). These programs show that school districts around the country are dedicated to helping increase the foreign language capabilities of the students they serve. Similarly, other schools have implemented different programs to assist students in language learning. Per Stewart, “At a magnet school in Charlotte, North Carolina, students are immersed in French, German, or Japanese in kindergarten and do not study English until third grade. In 2001, ninety-four percent of third graders and 100 percent of fifth graders in that immersion school scored at or above grade level in reading in English” (14). This data relates that increasing foreign language learning can also increase English languages skills. In addition, many studies have given support for the knowledge of a foreign language helping a person’s first language. A person’s background can sometimes affect their comprehension of a language. For example, this person’s mother tongue and cultural traditions can impact the level of understanding of a language (Ouellette-Schramm). Not only the amount of time put in language study, but also some pre-existing conditions. In conclusion, various academic areas and overall mental health can be dra...

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... to fluency in their target language.
By providing children access to foreign language classes at an earlier age, they will gain a better foothold in their target language, have improvements in academics and intellectual capacity, and increase the amount of career opportunities and ways to experience a unique culture. The discovery of the benefits of learning a second language has caused many schools to establish immersion/dual language programs that have immensely improved student other academic areas besides a foreign language and helped their minds mature beyond their age. Similarly, researchers uncovered that young children understand languages much more effectively than mature adults. As a result, many people have made second languages a priority for their children because of the numerous benefits that come with being able to communicate in a second language.

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