Using Hofteded Dimensions Of Culture Essay

Using Hofteded Dimensions Of Culture Essay

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Using Hofteded dimensions of culture are identified as power distance, uncertainty avoidance, indiviudlaism-collectivisim, masciluntiy-feminity, and long-term-short term orientation. All these dimensions assist in determining the benchmarks of culture in many countries.
Uncertainty and avoidance is a dimension that should be practiced within the country of Egypt due to strict and very different cultural morals. Although Egypt is seeking to become more developed traditional laws of the country are practiced and it is imperative to take notice of that while implementing leadership tactics. Though elected democratically to replace an authoritarian and repressive regime that had ruled the country with little patience for divergence or dissent (Rosenfeld, 2013). The established norms, rituals, and procedures of the Egyptian government and the citizens decrease the uncertainty and avoidance.
Power distance is a relevant aspect due to the degree in which a leader would be able to appeal to the group. The relevance of power and distance is that the belief of the group is that power should be shared unequally (Northouse, 2013). It will be argued that you being from a different culture are not suited to lead the population, and you must combat that with empathy and delegation. The use of tiered management can assist with the execution of a leader 's vision. By gaining the support of the community closest to the solution and using that power of persuasion can prove to be most effective.

Collectivism is used to identify group accomplishment and societal interest, often fueled by the promotion of cultural identity. It is an important skill to recognize the loyalty and pride within the state of the community in regards to family and other...

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...y away from developing relationship with those they want to lead. Egyptians prefer to conduct business with those they like and value. This is important to develop the angle of trust (, 2015).

Cultural leadership is a dynamic that is evolving with the progression of countries, technology, and economic growth. Leadership in a Middle Eastern country will force a leader to combat many different obstacles. As a leader you must be aware of the cultural identity of the various parts of the country. Understanding the dynamics of the political systems and the economic state should have a direct influence on how the public should be addressed. Overall intercultural leadership and communication are unique to the country and population seeking services, it is imperative to recognize the strengths and weakness in the country to help be an effective leader.

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