Using Gibbs Framework Model Of Reflection Essay example

Using Gibbs Framework Model Of Reflection Essay example

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Throughout this reflective log, I shall be reflecting on my own personal journey through the Developing Essential skills within Higher Education Module. To do this I shall be using Gibbs Framework model of reflection (Gibbs, 1988). By using this model, I shall be able to construct a thorough reflection of my progression which will enable me to reflect on both positive and negative experiences to gain knowledge and improve my outcomes. The module consists of:-
Developing essential skills needed to progress into higher education.
Developing skills in using and accessing learning and research materials in order to inform own learning development.
Demonstrating and applying these skills to work submitted for assessment.
Reflect upon and evaluate own skills in relation to work undertaken.
(Ashby, 2006) suggests that reflection helps us to understand a through comprehensive view, instead of focusing on our own perspective.

Feeling and Thoughts
Starting university at the beginning I felt excited yet a little apprehensive as I was aware of the implications towards my personal life and the realisation of absence in the education process, for a number of years at first, daunted me (Cottrell 2013) suggests, when students first start academic study they feel they may not be intelligent enough and lack confidence in their abilities. The first few weeks I felt overwhelmed and nervous and found at times it to be confusing, bombarded with academic speech and assignments. At first I thought I would struggle with my time management between study, work and family but due to the action plan but in place I have found this to be productive. I am always trying to keep abreast of tutorials by researching informati...

... middle of paper ... is due to lack of practice and the understanding of how to go about it.
During my presentation I was filled with defeatism before I started knowing I would feel vulnerable an exposed, but after research on how to present yourself during a presentation I found the experience to be positive especially when given feedback on my evaluation. (Phillips 2013) states that if you are interested in the subject of your talk, this will be relayed to your audience.
Looking back, I can see where my worries and nerves were justified, and are now aware of what needs to be done to complete the course and become a Trainee Assistant Practitioner.
Action Plan
Now I need to develop these new skills further by utilising them in a more productive way, helping in my progression and complete the next module Competency in the provision of Surgical Practice to a higher standard.

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