Using Erikson 's Theory Of Identity Vs Role Confusion Essay

Using Erikson 's Theory Of Identity Vs Role Confusion Essay

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Using Erikson’s theory of Identity vs Role Confusion with Mary Ann’s situation, one can see how when she was a teenager she went through the stage of role confusion. According to Erikson (1993) confusion comes from an adolescent 's inability to settle on a future role for themselves; “to keep themselves together mentally the teenager will emerge themselves within a specific group or crowd that is popular amongst their peers” (p. 262). When Mary Ann began to date Kurt during her sophomore year of high school, she went from being part of this mixed group of individuals who were not all white, not all brown, not all male or female, not a bunch of brainiacs, they were an enigma amongst the students at Flatwater High. Kurt was the handsome, buff, starting center for the high school basketball team. He was older, a senior, had his own car, and was part of the popular crowd at school. At the time Mary Ann was struggling with her classes and was considering dropping out of school entirely to start working. When she became Kurt’s girlfriend she was thrust from being an enigma to the basketball star 's girlfriend. Because of him she decided to not drop out of school and start working, she was going to try out for the cheerleading squad so she could cheer him on during his games and enjoy the dark bus rides home when they went to away games. She practiced her routine for hours everyday leading up to the big day. When the day finally arrived she was one of the last girls to go, the head cheerleader, a senior named Jennifer Price, whom did not like Mary Ann because of how well endowed she was compared to the flat chested Jennifer, decided to give Mary Ann the smallest uniform available so that her midriff was exposed and when she bounce...

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...hemselves. After a few moments of silence she finally admits that it’s not true and that those are not even her words, they are her father’s words and even her children are saying it too. With Mary Ann being a Foreclosure she seeks out the approval of others despite appearing confident on the outside. For example, when Mary Ann asks Guy to come visit her at her job at the potato factory, when they are alone in his fancy car with her female co-workers watching from the break room windows she admits that she told the women that Guy was her boyfriend who traveled all the way from California just to see her so that she could appear more important than they are by having a wealthy, good looking man on her arm. According to Phinney (1993) foreclosures are known to have a narrowed senses of self, and they define themselves by the views of their immediate peers (p. 247).

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