Using Diapers And Its Effects On The Student 's Education Essay

Using Diapers And Its Effects On The Student 's Education Essay

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For several years, teachers have been struggling to keep their students focused in class. In more current times, this problem is brought to light again, as NEASC visits Staples High school.. Perhaps the biggest problem, is students leaving multiple times in every class, to go to the bathroom. This disrupts class time, and has negative effects on the student 's education, as they miss material while they leave class. It is in our nature to pee involuntarily, since the day we are born. We are mammals, do you see any other animal trying to manipulate their bladder? It is an unnatural act. Not only does it go against our human nature, it also sets us back in our ability to learn. Bathroom breaks during class take away from a successful education, in order to ensure an undistracted classroom environment, students need to wear diapers. It is a common misconception and stereotype that diapers are childish, when this is not infact the case. Diapers are the spitting image of maturity, it would be childish to think otherwise.
In the past few years, more technologies have been invented than can be counted, easier, simpler, more convenient, less trans fat, the list goes on and on. We always have ready technologies at the reach of a fingertip. Our human race has become dependent on “things”. These “things”, while they seem handy at the time, actually have decreased our attention spans and productivity. They serve as great distractors and sometimes convenient tools, but take away from our innate characteristics and abilities to learn. We have been so focused on improving, improving, improving, that we forgot to look back and realize the answers have been in front of us the whole time. We need to go back to our natural ways of living. If it has...

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... exception to every group, just because diapers do not appeal to every student, just because some people would rather have freedom, our education system has to focus on the bigger picture, and what school is really here for, education. Conflict subsides.
Change is not something that can happen in a day, but something that happens day to day can be changed. I believe though the diaper movement can be achieved, one willing student at a time. The detrimental outcome of this situation can be redirected, it is in our hands, one person at a time can make a change, one person at a time has the ability to take a small step forward, it all starts here and now even though it may seem hard to conquer. It is the adult 's job to encourage the generation of children, why this is needed. This is the only way to persevere and continue as a human race. It starts with our children.

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