Using Crisis as a Tool for Argument

Using Crisis as a Tool for Argument

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1) A synopsis of the argument crisis

What are we going to do? It is a main topic of the chapter. The book shows us a few essays to relate to crisis. That is about the nature of crisis or college education or the relationship between two countries. They introduced to us why we have to use crisis for the argument, because it is one way to learn how to develop argument. When we get in the crisis situation, we can illustrate many different sides, and one of them will be most persuasive argument leads the direction of the argument.
Maybe we wondered what is the definition of a crisis? Wikipedia a free web encyclopedia describes them a turning point or decisive moment in events. Typically, it is the moment from which an illness may go on to death or recovery. it is a term meaning 'a testing time' or 'emergency event.'
Let¡¯s think about the crisis to relate in real world. What is the crisis in real world? Just think more deeply, we can notice everything that is arroud us can be crisis. For example, it can be a climate or water or trash problem etc. Also even though the developing communication technology, some expert still worrying about the sense of alienation between people furthermore
between nations. The concern occurred through the Iraq war.

2) Whether you agree with the argument

I totally agree that we are in the crisis whatever is. We can read that everyday through the newspaper, books and campaign. Furthermore, the movie show us the imagination situation, if we are doing nothing about relate to crisis. From the book, I want to focus the nature (land) of crisis, because that can be urgent in current more than any other crisis.
When I think about the word of ¡°crisis,¡± I always think about the water or climate crisis until read the essays; ¡°A Shock to the System,¡± and ¡°Big House in the Wilderness.¡± The authors of the essays are worrying about the relationship between animals and humans. They revealed their thought on the book; ¡°this essay is that it is an anti-big-house essay, because that destroy the place of animal¡¯s habitat and pollute the air and rivers at same time. (By Tracy Webster)
They believe that it is a fail system to allow builds big houses.

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