Using Behavior Analysis For Autism Spectrum Disorders Essay examples

Using Behavior Analysis For Autism Spectrum Disorders Essay examples

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In considering the principle that accounts for Marsha 's refusal to work, I noted that a Chapter 3 PowerPoint slide states Applied Behavior Analysis Principal II as “Behavior is strengthened or maintained by reinforcement.” The “Punished by Rewards” podcast also explains how negative reinforcements, just like positive reinforcements, cause behavior to maintain or increase. Clearly Marcia is experiencing an increase in classroom behaviors over time. Unfortunately, the increase has been in inappropriate behaviors. Marcia has not been completing work and no longer participates in the timeout intervention and is defiant. Elyse Wiseman brings up a good point in the video “Applied Behavior Analysis for Autism Spectrum Disorders”. Wiseman notes that when observing a child, the question is not why they are behaving the way they are but what are they getting from behaving that way. Marcia not only receives attention from Ms. Hill, she also receives out-of-school suspension and because Marcia “hates school”, suspension is also a reinforcer. The negative reinforcers are increasing her bad behavior plus she can avoid going to school. Therefore, Principle II is the reason for Marcia 's refusal to work.

Part 2 (Page 76)
Applied Behavior Analysis Principle IV states that behavior is weakened by punishment. Marcia’s inappropriate behavior has not weakened but increased; therefore, the office visits cannot be considered punishment. The office visits have become part of the reinforcement which allow Marcia to avoid school by being suspended. Previous to the study of this chapter, I thought being suspended from school would likely be motivation for a student to change their behavior. Considering the information that I now have regarding App...

... middle of paper ... Marcia suitable ways to ask for assistance, attention or breaks before problems occur.

Part 4 (Page 86)
In considering what behaviors could replacement Marcia’s noncompliance, the Least Restrictive Behavioral Interventions website says that any behavior “can serve as an alternative to the inappropriate behavior. For example, working on an assignment is an alternative behavior to wandering around the classroom.” Based on that information, one replacement behavior for Marcia’s noncompliance could be working on classwork for a specific time period. As mentioned above, Elyse Wiseman on the “Applied Behavior Analysis for Autism Spectrum Disorders” video, addresses possible replacement behaviors as seeking attention in an appropriate way or asking for a break before problems occur. Therefore, another option for Marcia maybe to raise her hand for the teacher’s help.

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