Using And Understanding Research Methodology Essay

Using And Understanding Research Methodology Essay

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Using and understanding research

Task 2- research methodology:

Research methodology is a systematic way to solve a problem, it is a science of studying how research should be carried out. The way in which researchers go about their work of describing, explaining and predicting phenomena are called research methodology. This is also defined as the study of methods where knowledge is gained (, 2015).

Researchers need to understand methodology before a study is conducted in order to have a clear understanding of the research methods and for the researcher to become familiar with the research method used(, 2015).


Validity is the length to which a test measures what it claims to measure(Cherry, 2015). For example, if a researcher is testing someone 's intelligence they will ask questions in which they would want the participant to think of something there selves instead of asking them to recall something they know which would be testing their memory instead of intelligence.

Reliability is being able to repeat something and getting similar results. For example, if a researcher repeats an experiment and gets similar results this will show the experiment is dependable.

Representativeness is whether something can represent a wider population. For example, an experiment including 10 British females will not be representative for 10 male participants from different ethnic groups.

Research methods:
Primary research:
Primary research is first hand research conducted by an individual themselves.

A strength of primary research is it allows the researcher to focus on specific issues, which also allows them to have a higher level of control ove...

... middle of paper ...

...ones to pay the expense on the equipment whereas the researcher using it now will not have to. Whereas if they were going to do primary research they would have to spend money on travel expenses, equipment, may have to pay participants to take part, etc.

A disadvantage of secondary research is it could be unreliable data. For example, If they 're using websites such as Wikipedia and yahoo they could be collecting data that someone has put in without actually knowing anything about the subject in the first place.

Another disadvantage of secondary research is it may not be specific to researchers needs. This is because if someone was to do there own research they could ask specific questions to gain the information they need. Whereas, if they 're using secondary research they 're only provided with the research the investigator needed for there task themselves.

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