Essay about Using Advanced Practice Registered Nurses And Physician Assistants

Essay about Using Advanced Practice Registered Nurses And Physician Assistants

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Selena Hariharan.(2015). Using advance practice registered nurses and physician assistants to ease phycsician shortages.Physician Leadership Journal. 2(3),P46-51.
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The purpose of her work is looking at a trend in healthcare issue of physician shortage. She examines the using of Advanced Practice Registered Nurses (APRN) and Physicians Assistants (PA) to alleviate this shortage. In this brief analysis, Selena Hariharan argues that the new health care law has created the potential for preventive care and not enough physician graduates to meet the demand. She suggested that the solution to this shortage is for government to close the reimbursement gab between primary care and specialties, the increase use of physician extenders (APRN and PA) as part of the care team. She concluded that, as the shortage of Physicians becomes more acute, the use of Advanced Practice Registered Nurses and Physician Assistants will becomes more common.
Her article is relevant to the topic because physician shortage is one of the trends in healthcare, especially after the passing to the affordable health act in 2010. There is a surge in the amount of patients, thus the shortage in physicians to accommodate this increase. Her main audiences are health cares professionals, the government and educators. She presented the issue of physician shortages by focusing on the use of physician extenders and did not mention other solutions to alleviate the shortage.

Mark Crawford, (2014). Doctors from abroad. A cure for the physician shortage in America. Health Progress 95(2),45-48. Retrived from
This article assesses the cure for physician shortage in America, with a major solution ...

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...hnology to monitor and track their results. Consumers setup personal health profiles to track calories and also create a workout plan. He explained that the future of these technology will include devices that have apps that will help patients check their blood pressure, sugar levels, heart rate and urine for illnesses. He states that it will be beneficial to the patients if these devices and apps are used in consultation with their healthcare professionals. He concluded by saying that clinicians are embracing this technology and compared the used to the check engine light in cars. This article is relevant in that ,the use of digital technology is growing fast ,especially where we have shortages of physicians, patients can eliminate unnecessary hospital visits and communicate their conditions with their providers without making that costly trips to the hospital.

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