Using Active Learning Approaches On Online Courses Essay

Using Active Learning Approaches On Online Courses Essay

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Bolliger and Armier (2013) suggested that using active learning approaches in online courses leads to increased levels of student satisfaction, engagement, connectedness, and learning. Furthermore, Covill (2011) added that using active learning strategies provides opportunities for students to process course content and communicate new knowledge connections with classmates in meaningful ways. Chickering and Gamson (1987) defined active learning as the actions associated with learners engaging in the higher-order thinking activities of analyzing, synthesizing, and evaluating. Learning that provides students with the opportunity to talk, listen, read, write, and reflect on course content while participating in problem-solving, informal small groups, simulations, case studies, role-playing, and other engaging activities (Meyers & Jones, 1993, p. xi). Dewing (2008) further added that active learning is an approach for in-depth learning that draws on, creatively synthesizes and integrates numerous learning methods ( p. 273).
Orminston (2011) suggested that technology plays a very important role in active learning and that the primary focus should be on engaging students in the learning process. In online courses, technology can be used to involve learners and instructors in active learning asynchronously or synchronously. Harris and Park (2008) described how students can record audio or video files and post or share them through course management systems to increase levels of connectedness asynchronously in online learning environments. Therefore, Dale and Pymm (2009) added that through the inclusion of such digital media content, learning experiences can be transformed to be more personal and social. In a 2013 study, 61.9% of studen...

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...t using traditional methods which served as the control group, while two additional sections taught by different faculty members represented the pilot group. Following the pilot study data, WPCC officially began to move forward with a full implementation of the QEP beginning with the 2014-2015 academic year. The second year (2015-2016) was focused on expanding the scope of the QEP to involve additional face-to-face courses. Year three (2016-2017) involves the launch of Get REAL online. The QEP will continue through 2019 while focusing on expanding seated, hybrid, and online Get REAL courses.
In the original QEP plan, CIS 110 and PSY 150 were targeted to be the first two online Get REAL courses, however WPCC officially made the decision in the summer of 2015 to move forward with redesigning an online section of College Transfer Success (ACA 122) to fulfill that

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