Using A Classroom Observation Method Essay

Using A Classroom Observation Method Essay

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John Henry is a 15 year old 9th grade student who suffers from ADHD and anxiety disorder. John frequently makes inappropriate verbalizations during teacher’s instructional time. This behavior causes distractions for himself and his peers. The teacher would ask John to stop talking out of turn, but the student only stopped for a short amount of time. The teacher would then pull John out of the classroom to speak one-on-one on some adjustments he can make with his behavior to make his learning more successful. After pulling John out of the classroom, he would be complaint for 2-3 days, but not for a week long period. Afterwards, the parent/guardian were contacted, but the target behavior was still not altered in any way.
A collection of data was documented by the Special Education teacher over a weekly time frame. Using a classroom observation method was chosen to see how the student behaved in a regular classroom environment with his peers present. I wanted to observe how frequently the target behavior occurred in a 60 minute class period.

John Henry has many academic and behavior issues that limits his ability to be successful in the classroom. The baseline data was collected to recognize how frequent John’s talkative behavior occurs within different times in a class period. From this data, I recognized that John Henry’s distracting behavior increases as the class continues to go on. The teachers tend to ignore John’s poor behavior at the beginning of class. John is a very persistent student and will remain to commit attention seeking behavior strategies to gain attention from their peers and fulfill their attention seeking appetite.
With use of the classroom observation information, I was able to use a bar graph...

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...d has a behavioral issue, then they won’t agree with any replacement behavior suggestions made by the IEP team. Teachers might also prove that John doesn’t exhibit the same behavior in all of his classes. It’s important that the case manager discusses the student’s behavior in their specific class prior to any meeting to assure that the plan is useful for the student’s full school day. School administrators might also not believe that the student’s behavior can improve with a one-on-one present. School’s struggle finding an efficient amount of ed. tech’s or are capable of helping others. Administrators might feel that there is a better placement for that ed. tech than being a one-on-one. It’s important to explain the administrators through data collection of how John’s inappropriate verbalizations during instruction has decrease with the one-on-one present.

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