Essay about Using A Cell Phone While Walking

Essay about Using A Cell Phone While Walking

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When you look around, wherever you go, you are seeing someone’s face lit up not on the basis that they are joyous but due to the light of their phone. Most people you see have their cellular devices out talking, texting or using social media and not being genuinely sociable to the people they are with at that moment. In 2010, more than 1,500 pedestrians were estimated to be treated in emergency rooms for injuries related to using a cell phone while walking (Grabmeier). Now, imagine if you or a loved one was walking down the street and were using a cell phone and had gotten hurt as a result that you/they were distracted. Have you ever wondered how, since someone can be injured while using a cell phone, then what ,indeed, happens in medical facilities?
In medical facilities, there are different types of workers, one type that works there are respiratory care technicians. Respiratory care technicians have a degree, so, therefore, they are qualified to do their job, but you ought to remember that they are people and do make mistakes, hopefully not on purpose. When it comes to humans, I do believe that we have the expectation that everybody in the medical field is perfect and do not make any mistakes. Major mistakes like “accidently” killing somebody, are the cases that we hear most about in the news. While cell phones and social media can help the medical professionals in the respiratory care technology field keep up with their patients’ progress, there are negative consequences that come with the use of these, on the grounds that they can cause someone not to acquire a job or even lose their job; there is also a concern about the patients’ care, and, also, cell phones can cause medical machines to mess up.
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...patients’ progress. However, do you really think that one positive can outweigh all of the negatives? Just remember that the negative consequences are point blank that they can cause someone to not acquire a job or even lose their job, they are risking the patients’ safety and also cell phones can cause medical machines to mess up. I must ask you to put yourself in the patients’ shoes before turning on your cell phone or posting on social media. Would you really want to risk your job that you have spent so much time and effort in college to obtain? So, next time you walk into a medical facility remember to turn your phone off. Just let everyone know where you are going and when you make it there so they will not worry if you do not answer. There is much more to life than being in touch with everybody all day especially when you are taking care of someone else’s life.

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