Uses Of Direct Instruction Strategy Essay

Uses Of Direct Instruction Strategy Essay

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Knowledge is very important to young children, especially in the aspect of how that knowledge is delivered. I believe it is crucial for children to discover knowledge, so they can retain it for later practices. Direct instruction is a strategy in which the teacher lectures and students acquire the knowledge by listening. Though many teachers today use the direct instruction strategy, it is important that we diversify the way instruction is given. One way teachers can achieve this goal is by using the indirect instruction strategy. Using the indirect instruction, students will be able to apply their abilities in discovering knowledge. Direct instruction, knowledge received, indirect instruction, and knowledge discovered are four strategies that upcoming teachers should be cautious of in their teachings.
From the beginning, teachers have used the direct instruction strategy as the only method of teaching. Direct instruction strategy is when someone that is more knowledgeable, transfers information to a recipient. It is believed to properly teach Social Studies, a teacher must use the direst instruction strategy because of the content that Social Studies contains. Though this type of strategy is effective, many students today are diverse and they require distinct strategies in which instruction is delivered. When a teacher lectures about any given topic, some students may find it difficult to stay concentrated. Another group of students might find difficulties in class discussions that are lead by the teacher. In my opinion, using the direct instruction strategy will not benefit majority of the students. For example, students that are hands on learners, like myself, would find it more difficult to retain the information that is be...

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...en knowledge that was received.
The way knowledge is conveyed to students is the most essential part of teaching. Teachers have to be aware of how their students learn, so they can apply new strategies in their classroom. There are many different strategies to deliver knowledge, but the two that I believe to be the most efficient is the knowledge discovered and indirect instruction. However, these two strategies are not the only two methods a teacher can incorporate in his/her classroom. Knowledge received and direct instruction are also effective strategies that teachers can utilize to provide knowledge. As far as my opinion on these four strategies is concerned, I believe that all teachers should utilize them. But, incorporating more of knowledge discovered and indirect instruction in their teachings would help students to be more responsible of their knowledge.

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