Uses and Advantages of Citric Acid Essay

Uses and Advantages of Citric Acid Essay

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An acid is a substance that produces H+ to form a solution that has a pH <7. It turns litmus paper red. It reacts with bases to form a salt and water. A weak acid is an acid that dissociates incompletely, releasing only some of its protons(H+). A strong acid is an acid that fully dissociates incompletely, releasing only some of its protons(H+).
A base is a substance that can accept (H+) and releases(OH-) to form a solution that has a pH>7. It turns litmus paper blue. It reacts with acids to form a salt and water.
A salt is a compound made from an acid when a metal takes the place of the hydrogen in the acid. Some salts dissolve in water easily. They are said to be soluble. Other salts do not dissolve at all. They are said to be insoluble. (Example: sodium sulfate)
A usual salt is produced by the whole alternate of the hydrogen ion of an acid by a basic essential while an acid salt is produced by the incomplete alternate of the hydrogen ion of an acid by a necessary thorough.
All acids are formed in a different way, as each involves different compounds. There are many chemical companies that create acids- some absorb heat, difficult-to-find chemicals, catalysts, etc, which is the cause it is hard to quantify how acids in specific are formed.

Which methods are used to prepare your chosen acid/base/salt? (Citric Acid)
1-Obtain citric acid in crystalline powder form. You can find this at many grocery stores, cooking stores or bulk food stores. Buy at least 1 lb. (454 g) in order to make an adequate amount of citric acid solution
2-Decide the quantity of citric acid powder to water that you require to make the solution.
3-Calculate the powder. Place 1 lb. (454 g) of citric acid powder in a non-metallic pot. Set the pot aside.

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...idity and stomach pain. Citric acid is further high-priced than last declare. Citric acid works most excellent with hot water (it is a disadvantage for the reason that of higher energy consumption)

Interesting facts:
-Citric acid (E330) and ascorbic acid both occur naturally in citrus fruits, but there is no vitamin C in citric acid.
-Chemically, the only difference between ascorbic acid and citric acid is one additional oxygen atom in citric acid.
-Unfortunately, vitamin C is very easily lost from fruits and vegetables when processed. That’s why in many products it is reintroduced as an additive.
-Citric acid makes it easier for the body to absorb some minerals. For example, calcium citrate is sometimes added to orange juice.
-Vitamin C tastes very bitter, just like most vitamins. In some cases Citric acid is used to mask the bitter flavor of vitamin C pills.

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