Users's Perception Towards Reference Chat in UniMap Library Essay

Users's Perception Towards Reference Chat in UniMap Library Essay

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Convenient in use is actually means the location distance for accessing, involving the speed of time and space which suitable as the findings were confirmed by Pomerantz and Luo (2006) from the interviews with chat reference users, where approximately half of them chose to use that service because of the convenient condition. Besides, Emmanuel (2004) also stated that chat reference can be conducted from any location and can provide reference services to those who is not a physical access to the library. This also supported by the conclusion from Ruppel and Fagan (2002) which give the same statement of chat reference as being convenience, anonymity, speed, quality of help, and no waiting in line. The result from survey done by Ruppel and Vecchione (2012) stated a few factors contributed to the participants’ enjoyment in using reference chat service, including speed and quality of help with the majority of respondents (92 percent) perceived that speed at which the question was answered very fast. In fact, with the reference chat service, users may seek for resources and information from the librarian without feeling of embarrasses to be known by the librarians there.
Instead of the convenient in use, the quality service which then satisfied the users is also being measured. This can be identify through the quality of answer that provided by librarians in term of completeness and correctness. Pomerantz and Luo (2006) also reported significant differences between users’ satisfaction level and the completeness of the answer, the helpfulness of the librarian, and the speed of the service. They said that users were less satisfied when the answer was less complete, the librarian was less helpful and the service speed was slower. Based on ...

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