User's Perceprtion Towards Reference Chat Essay

User's Perceprtion Towards Reference Chat Essay

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Sekaran and Bougie (2010) state the theoretical framework is the foundation on which the entire research project is based which logically developed, described, and elaborated network of associations among the variables deemed relevant to the problem situation and identified through such processes as interviews, observations, and literature review. Based on Zamalia Mahmud (2008), a good theoretical framework identifies and labels the important variables in the situation that are relevant to the problem defined. Variables are characteristics or attributes of cases which then can differ or vary the values of them. The independent and dependent variables are used to elaborate the relationship between them as dependent variable is the primary interest to the researcher whereas independent variable helps to explain the variance in dependent variable. In this study, the LibQUAL+ and SERVQUAL framework model are being applied to investigate the perception in reference chat service quality. The convenience in use, responsiveness of staff, and the empathy of staff will influence the perception towards the reference chat in UniMAP.

Convenient in Use
Several literatures replace the ease of use as the convenience in using reference chat. This aspect of easy using reference chat reflects to the access and location towards reference chat service, speed of time, and anonymity of users asking question. Based on the Pomerantz and Luo (2006) study, reference chat to be fast, efficient, easy to use, “always available”, and accessible from any computer with Internet access, unrestricted by physical location. Having reference chat as a service for reference can assist to the personals that actually have the physical boundaries. Foley (2002) said no lo...

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...reference chat to be applied in academic libraries. Completeness and correctness are the two primary measures to assess the quality of reference answers Luo (2007).

Empathy of Staff
Through the reference chat, empathy towards users is very crucial as they are the customer of the reference chat services. Parasuraman et al.’s (1988) state empathy is the provision of caring, individualized attention to customers. Because of the vital element of them, librarians need to consider the response in chat session is the tones and attitudes embodied in the messages sent from librarians to users (Luo, 2007). Friendliness and unfriendliness of the librarian in answering the users also influence their perception as users can interpret relatively innocuous statements as negative or critical (Nilsen, 2004). This will then contribute to the unwilling of users to use reference chat.

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