Essay on Useful Theories of Human Development

Essay on Useful Theories of Human Development

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There are many areas of psychology. The field of human development is divided into
five main theory groups. The theory groups are psychodynamic, biological, cognitive, behavioral, and systems. Each theory group has many contributing theorists, all with different views, beliefs, research methods, and life experiences. All theories are valuable in the field of psychology, however some theories may prove to be more helpful than others, in specific careers. There are some theoretical approaches that I will utilize while working with school-aged children and others that I will discard.
Psychodynamic Theory
The psychodynamic theory of human development’s main focus is personality and social development. It is based on the belief that the mind is divided into two parts, the conscious and unconscious. The theorist’s believe that development occurs in stages, for one to develop a healthy and positive personality or identity all stages must be completed successfully. Sigmund Freud is a major contributor to the field of psychology; he developed the id, ego, and superego, which are described as the three elements of personality. Freud believed development occurs in five psychosexual stages and that personality is heavily influenced by early childhood experiences. Erik Erikson is also a huge contributor to the Psychodynamic theory. He developed eight psychosocial stages of development through one’s lifespan, which focuses more on conscious influences (Craig & Dunn, 2010).
In my future career as a school counselor or psychologist I will not use Freud’s psychosexual development theory because I believe it focuses too much on unconscious sexual drives. However, I will use his theory of id, ego, and superego and I will remember the defense m...

... middle of paper ...

...try to teach the child and family effective ways to help deal with the challenges they face.
There are five main theories groups in the field of human development. In each of those main theory groups are many theories from several theorists, all which contribute valuable information about human development and behavior. Some theories will prove to be very useful in certain career fields, while others may not be relevant. However, at least one of theories will help me, help someone else, that may be struggling or in need of support and guidance during a difficult time.

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