Used to Live Here Once versus A Father's Story Essay

Used to Live Here Once versus A Father's Story Essay

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My Final Comparison

Many different works of literature seem to be evaluated and examined in a large number of dissimilar ways. A few of these ways comprise of plot, theme, point of view, symbolism and numerous others. The ways in which we evaluate and examine different works of literature can drastically affect the way that a story or poem influences or even the way in which it impacts the reader. Even though a range of authors comprise their own individual approach to writing it can be considered universal for authors to have theme, point of view, plot and even symbolism in their writing which can often allow one authors’ writing to both relate to and compare to another work. My essay will talk about the similarities and differences amid two meticulous pieces of literature which are, first the story written by Jean Rhys called Used to Live Here Once which was written in the year 1976. The second story I used for my essay was written by Andre Dubus and it is titled A Fathers Story, this story was written in the year 1983. My essay will examine these works of literature to establish and put side by side the common theme, point of view, plot and even the appearance of symbolism inside the narratives. I will also cover in my essay any discrepancies that I have found during my readings.
“Every story narrows a broad fundamental idea and then shapes it in its own special way making the fundamental idea solid and so theme is formed. The theme is an illustration of the thought behind the story.” (Clugston, 2010) The stories Used to Live Here Once and A Father’s Story both have the same theme in them which is death. In the story Used to Live Here Once the person reading does not even find out that the character in the narrative is ...

... middle of paper ...

...w while the story A Father’s Story was written in the first-person point of view. In the end having the ability to recognize and evaluate the changing factors that facilitate in developing a theme in a story or a novel is the key to being able to be grateful for a story or some literature.


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